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Underwater drone (ROV) | Underwater ROV Inspection services | Search and rescue equipment

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Ship hull inspections
Ship-hull inspections
Underwater photography
Underwater Photography/Videography
Search and Rescue
UW Search Rescue
U/W Search and Rescue
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Underwater inspection


Danger to
human life



Logistically intensive

Manpower intensive

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Why use a machine to inspect?

Extremely low cost compared to divers


Deployment time:

< 5 minutes

Unlimited dive time*

4K resolution Sony lenses = Brilliant clarity

Minimal logistics

No risk to human life

Minimal effect on port/dock operations

ROV Inspection

ROV inspections

Supercharge your dives


your dives

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Why our Underwater scooter?

One of the most affordable scooters around

Small enough to fit in your bag

Powerful thrust for a small form factor

Extremely lightweight at 2.5 kg

Airline safe batteries 

1 year warranty coverage*

Removable batteries = non-stop fun

Relax from the finning

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Safer Inspections

Safer Inspection Frogm3n Technologies Log

Supercharged dives

Dives Frogm3n Technologies Log

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